How to Choose Great Cigars

Great Cigars http://habanocigarclub.comGreat cigars do not have to be expensive to be good.

There are certain characteristic every good cigar must have, and price isn’t necessarily one of them.

While it is true that higher priced cigar brands usually are more consistent in quality, some of the less known brands are made with high quality tobacco rolled by cigar rollers with years of experience.

Finding great cigars at reasonable prices is not that hard to do.

All great cigars must have at least these three common characteristics:

  • Great Flavor.  Cigar flavor varies according to the different tobacco varieties that have been rolled into it.

Much of the flavor is dependent on the Wrapper which is the external leaf, it  gives it character and flavor.

The first thing that stands out is the color. It ranges from very light (Candela) almost greenish all the way to black (Maduro).

Wrapper color  and feel depend on how much sunlight has reached the leaf during the  drying process.  The less light the wrapper leaf has received, the  lighter the color and the smoother its finish.

Cigar Shades for Great Cigars

Flavor also varies with color, dark wrappers give the cigar a touch of sweetness, while lighter ones feel a lot dryer.

The best wrapper leaves come from Cuba, Ecuador, Indonesia and the United States.

Therefore, look carefully at the outside of the cigar, and ask about its origin. That will determine most of the flavor.

  • Even Burn.  Underneath the wrapper there is a group of cut filler leaves folded and wrapped and held together by a strong binder leaf or  (Capote). The filler will determine how the cigar  burns.

Looking at the cigar’s inside, the filler, which holds most of the tobacco in the cigar. must be folded in such a way that it allows air to flow and make the burn even and smooth.

Too loose and it will burn hot and too fast, too tight and the cigar will be hard to smoke and turn itself off.

Good filler leaves usually are blended to create character and consistency to the flavor.

Blending milder leaves usually from the bottom of the plant (Volado) with medium (Seco) and strong flavored ones from the upper portion of the plant (Ligero) give additional character and flavor.

  • Consistency.   A good cigar brand will usually have the same raw materials always. Therefore  you can expect to have  the same great smoking experience every time.

Try different cigar varieties until you find those great cigars you have  been looking for.

Choose the one you like best and stay with it.

At Habano Cigar Club we believe that Great Cigars don’t have to expensive to be good.

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