Cigars & beer have always complemented each other. Undoubtedly you need something strong to balance the flavor cigar leaves on the palate.
Much has been said lately of pairing cigars & beer.
There is nothing new about smoking  cigars, or drinking beer, as with most things in life, tradition and fashion tend to create combinations that become popular.
Nowadays it has become popular to combine different beers with cigars.
There are not written rules about what beer goes well with what cigar but when done right it can lead to some great taste combinations.
Personally I have liked  pairing a good Maduro Cigar with Dark Beer and found that to work for me.
Living in Florida, there are few things that are more enjoyable than an ice cold beer, but when you do it while smoking a cigar, you might just have found the perfect  combination.
 Again, it must be stressed that there are no written rules, what works  for one person might not work for another.
Luckily,  you don’t need to be a cigar expert to enjoy one with a beer. Just try and find the combination that works for you.
If you have a favorite  beer,  think a bit  about its characteristics and what is in the flavor that you like, then look for a cigar that complements it.
Start by smoking a few puffs of the  cigar to get the flavor on your palate, and then take a small sip, see how it feels, if the flavors don’t harmonize, you will know that right away.
But then, you may have just stumbled into your  favorite pairing experience: Cigars & Beer.


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