Cigar Wrappers

Cigar wrappers are the outermost layer of the cigar and the most expensive component of the assembly.

There are many different kinds of cigar wrappers, and these play a part in the both the cigar’s flavor and its character.

“Of the three major cigar components – wrapper, binder and filler – it’s the wrapper leaves that readily present themselves for inspection when you’re making your purchase.”

The color of the wrapper is often used as a way to describe a cigar and these high-quality leaves play an important part in the enjoyment of the cigar.

Lighter shades usually are grown under gauze canopies (shade grown) to maintain  milder tasting cigars.

Darker shades are stronger in flavor, coarser and stronger. These are left in direct sun to mature (sun grown).

The longer they are exposed to sunlight, the darker the shade and the stronger the flavor becomes.

There are seven main types of cigar wrappers.


Cigar Wrappers
  • Candela – Also called “American Market Select,” this cigar wrapper is green to greenish brown and produces a very mild taste.

Harvested before maturity, while  the  leaves are still green.The color is due to chlorophyll present on the leaves

  • Claro – Usually light tan in color, these wrappers are believed to be some of the finest in the world.

They are grown under large canopies to protect them from harsh sunlight and produce a neutral flavor that is ideal for smooth smoking.

  • Colorado – Also called a “Rosado”, this is a reddish-brown wrapper has both and aromatic smell and a robust taste.
  • Colorado Claro – Mid-brown in color, these wrappers are also referred to as “Natural” or “English Market Selection” wrappers.

These shade-grown wrappers  offer a medium to full-bodied flavor.

  • Colorado Maduro – Dark brown in color, these cigar wrappers usually produce a rich flavor and are found in many of the best Honduran cigars.
  • Maduro – Maduro cigar wrappers are dark brown to very dark brown, and often have more texture and veining than lighter wrappers.

These wrappers are sometimes described as oily looking and produce a stronger taste, generally described as sweet.

  • Obscuro – These are the strongest tasting of all of the cigar wrappers.

The Obscuro leaves are very dark brown to almost black in color and are usually from Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil.

When it comes to choosing a cigar, many people only consider the filler.

While this is important, it’s actually the wrapper that can determine anywhere from 60% to 90% of a cigar’s overall flavor.

Therefore, knowing a little bit about cigar wrappers and your various choices will go a long way towards enhancing your next cigar smoking experience.

Learning about cigar wrappers will make you a better smoker.





Honoring Our Servicemen

Honoring our Servicemen and all those that protect us and keep our freedoms.

Servicemen Tuesdays

At Habano Cigar Club we have decided to make every Tuesday (all day) dedicated to Police, Firefighters, Military (active, retired and Veterans) and EMTs.

We thank you for all that you have done and continue to do on a daily basis.

Every Tuesday; we’d like to give you 1 complimentary beverage of your choice (beer, wine, sangria or soft drink).

We also extend a 20% discount (15% all other days) on all purchases made on Tuesdays.

So pass the word.

We are friends to military and law enforcement; as one of the owners is a disabled Vet retired from the DoD.

We believe in taking care of our brothers and sisters.

See you on Tuesday!!



Cigar of the Day

ROmeo y Julieta Resreva Real Maduro Cigar of the DayCome on in for a great deal on Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Maduro.

Today only at an incredible $5.99 come taste the darker side of reserva real.

Cigar of the Day – Today’s featured Cigar is Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Maduro.

Reserva Real Maduro has a unique flavor, boasting a deep – full bodied taste as a result of a unique international combination of  fine tobacco leaves.

Start by combining two wrappers : A Mexican dark San Andres Morron  Maduro Leaf and a Nicaraguan Sun grown Maduro Leaf for boldness and  flavor.

Add to the mixture Nicaraguan and Honduran Long Fillers for a flavorful and easy to smoke cigar.

The result is a great smoking experience. Flavorful, with the characteristics of a fine maduro cigar.

At Habano Cigar Club we are happy  to offer our clients a fine array of cigar brands, including Romeo y Julieta.

Our cigar lounge is  a great place to relax and enjoy a drink or coffee, smoke your favorite stick, and watch  sports on one of our flat screen TV’s.

We have all the NFL games for your pleasure, and our lounge chairs are very comfortable.

Be sure to visit our Hollywood Cigar Lounge & ask for the Cigar of the Day.


Cigars & beer have always complemented each other. Undoubtedly you need something strong to balance the flavor cigar leaves on the palate.
Much has been said lately of pairing cigars & beer.
There is nothing new about smoking  cigars, or drinking beer, as with most things in life, tradition and fashion tend to create combinations that become popular.
Nowadays it has become popular to combine different beers with cigars.
There are not written rules about what beer goes well with what cigar but when done right it can lead to some great taste combinations.
Personally I have liked  pairing a good Maduro Cigar with Dark Beer and found that to work for me.
Living in Florida, there are few things that are more enjoyable than an ice cold beer, but when you do it while smoking a cigar, you might just have found the perfect  combination.
 Again, it must be stressed that there are no written rules, what works  for one person might not work for another.
Luckily,  you don’t need to be a cigar expert to enjoy one with a beer. Just try and find the combination that works for you.
If you have a favorite  beer,  think a bit  about its characteristics and what is in the flavor that you like, then look for a cigar that complements it.
Start by smoking a few puffs of the  cigar to get the flavor on your palate, and then take a small sip, see how it feels, if the flavors don’t harmonize, you will know that right away.
But then, you may have just stumbled into your  favorite pairing experience: Cigars & Beer.


For the best Cigars & Beer visit our Hollywood Fl Cigar Lounge.



Watch NFL Football at Habano Cigar Club

Watch NFL Football at Habano Cigar Club

It is no secret that football the most popular sport in South Florida.

We invite you to watch NFL Football at our Hollywood Cigar Lounge

We are aware that there are lots of sports bars in the area. But none of them allow you to light your favorite cigar at the lowest prices in town.

While we favor our local teams, we don’t mind changing one of the screens so you can enjoy your favorite team. We have NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV.

Every Game on Sundays, Mondays and Thursday Nights.

We Offer:

  • Indoor and outdoor Flat Screen TV’s.The Art of Smoking Event 13
  • Specials on Beer Buckets, imported and domestic.
  • Cigar of the Day Offers with discounts up to 40% on selected brands.
  • Wine and Soft Drinks too.

Location: 1800 S. Young Circle in Hollywood FL 33020

If you want to receive game reminders by text

Subscribe by texting HABANOCLUB and send it to 313131

We will remind you a couple of hours before the game!

See All Games, All Season



The Art of Smoking

On July 3 2015  Habano Cigar Club hosted its first event.


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The event included an introduction to the Exactus Brand of Cigars.

In an ambiance of  live music and  camaraderie, the guests enjoyed a pleasant evening that included live cigar rolling demonstrations and a presentation of Tabacalera El Artista’s product line.

We look forward to the next live event at Habano Cigar Club.



Cigar Events

Cigar Events Hollywood The Art of Smoking


Cigar Events – Habano Cigar Club presents The Art of Smoking


On July 3, 2015 between 5:00PM and 9:00PM  we will present the Tabacalera El Artista line of products.

This is a family-owned company based in the Dominican Republic that manufactures some of the best premium cigars in the market today.

The Tabacalera was born in 1956 with the name of Puros Cibao. By the early 70’s, 500 thousand cigars were being produced and sold every month.
By 1996 the company became Tabacalera el Artista S.A. and its products began to be sold worldwide under the Don Augusto brand.
Today Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L. operates a 60,000 sq ft facility from where its premium cigars are distributed to every major market in the world.

At Habano Cigar Club we will stock a wide selection of Tabacalera El Artista’s Exactus Cigar  brand.

Exactus Cigar has a full line of Premium Cigars, Including Clasico, Maduro and Habano varieties.

At The Art of Smoking Cigar Event we will be offering a Buy 3 Cigars and Get one extra Cigar Special Offer.