My Father Cigars came from humble origins to reach international fame and recognition.

A bit of history:

My Father Cigars Pepin GarciaJosé “Pepin” Garcia is an acclaimed cigar roller originally from Havana, he immigrated to the United States with his son Jaime in 2003 and they began rolling very high quality cigars in Little Havana.
Known for being full of flavor and impeccably finished.

His cigars soon became famous and Pepin was creating cigars for other manufacturers in addition to his own.

Jaime in the meantime, worked in Nicaragua on a new cigar blend, which he branded  “My Father.”

Using Nicaraguan tobacco from their own farm, and Ecuadorean Habano wrappers, he created a rich and flavorful cigar that became an instant hit.

My Father Cigars became world renown, and has been at the top ever since.

“It is about a lifelong passion! It is not just about a cigar, it is a dream – the Garcia’s dream!” says, Jose Pepin Garcia.

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