Alec Bradley Cigars are a South Florida story of success.

The origins of the company date to 1996 when Alan Rubin began manufacturing flavored cigars he thought he could sell at country clubs and restaurants.

He named the brand Alec Bradley after his two children’s names.

Timing could not have been worse, as cigar demand had peaked and was winding down.

The experience left him severely depleted as the economy  turned and lean years followed.

Since then, the Alec Bradley brand has turned into a respected leader in high quality hand rolled cigars.

His smokes have appeared on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list in three consecutive years, and in 2010 his Alec Bradley Family Blend T11 scored 94 points.
(Cigar Aficionado)

At the moment, the company sells between 2 and 3 million cigars a year.

Below is a review of the MAXX brand, one of the more than 20 that the company produces:

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MAXX Cigars are Medium to Full Strength cigars with lots of character.

Rolled in Nicaragua from aged long filler tobacco leaves originating in Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Every Alec Bradley MAXX  is carefully covered by a fine Habano Maduro wrapper.

Much like other Alec Bradley Cigars, the finish is excellent

Rated 93 by Stoggie Press  this is what they have to say:.

“…Overall the Alec Bradley MAXX  is a wonderful smoking experience. The construction is solid with a tight ash that held on for a good inch or more after falling after the first 2 inches. The flavors transitioned well and I would say it was as solid medium strength cigar but perhaps more fuller strength for the occasional smoker.”

Not bad for a cigar that costs little more than five dollars!.

If you are looking for a great cigar at the right price, Alec Bradly Cigars will never disappoint you.


  • Strength: Medium-Strong
  • Other Shapes: Churchill(6.0″x54), ( Gordo (5.0″x58)’ Robusto (5.0″x50), Toro (6.0″x50), Torpedo (6.1″x52), Gordo  (6.3″ x 60), Gordo (8.5″x50), Petit Corona (4.0″x46)
  • Wrapper: Maduro
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Costa Rica
  • Filler: Colombian, Mexican & Nicaraguan Blend

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E.P. Carrillo Cigars – An overview of the man and the brand.

The early days.

Ernesto Perez Carrillo came to Miami as an aspiring young jazz musician in 1959.

Like most of the Cubans that fled the Castro revolution at the time, he and his family arrived with empty pockets.

The family thought they would be back in Cuba in a few months.

Necessity made his Father Ernesto Sr. a master cigar maker, struggle working wherever he could find work.

After almost a decade of hardship, Ernesto Sr. had saved enough to buy a small cigar factory in Little Havana and began selling El Credito Cigars.

Ernesto Jr. continued his pursuit of music in New York City but was unable to make it big.

As a result he returned to Miami and began to work alongside his father. Since he was a fast learner he became good at what he did.

After the death of his father in 1980 he took over the family business.

Being only 29, and a gifted cigar maker he struggled during the economic downturn that plagued the country.

Eventually however, he would succeed.

The Origins of E.P. Carrillo Cigars

Twelve hard years passed before fortune began to shine upon Ernesto and his family.

Cigar Aficionado, an upstart publication at the time, ranked four of his cigars 90 and up.

By then he had refined his blends based on Cuban Davidoff cigars and called them “La Gloria Cubana”.

E.P. Carrillo Cigars

As a result demand for his cigars soared and his production could not keep up.

Because of it, in 1999 Ernesto sold El Credito to Swedish Match/General Cigar, and remained with the company as an employee for 10 years.

The yearning to go back to the tobacco fields and the insistence of his family to do what he was best at finally convinced him.

Finally, with the assistance of his children Ernesto III and Lisette he created EPC Cigar Co.

Launching a new blend every year since 2010, E.P. Carrillo Cigars now have established themselves as a top ranked international cigar brand.

Here is a list of achievements:

  • 2010 – Seems that 2010 was the beginning of a great decade for the company.

The CORE Line of cigars hit the market.

  • 2011 – Elencos Edición Limitada 2010 Cigars- Ranked 8th Best Cigar of 2010.

In addition to the CORE, the brand now had 2 highly ranked cigars.

  • 2012 – Cardinal Series Cigars became available.

Another success, these Full-Bodied and impeccably finished maduros gained popularity very quickly.

  • 2013 – INCH Line Cigars were introduced.

These big ring cigars became popular in a short time because of their high quality.

  • 2014 – 5th Year Anniversary Cigars became available and quickly took the market by storm.

In addition to the existing lines, the 5th Year Anniversary cemented Ernesto’s position as one of the top international cigar manufacturers.

  • 2015 – EPC’s La Historia – Ranked Cigar Aficionado’s #2 Cigar of the Year & La Historia Figurado Ranked 90 by Cigar Insider.

Another great year, much like in previous years, 2015 was a resounding success for EPC.

  • 2016 – Finally, E.P. Carrillo’s crowning achievement, The Series Line.
  • 2017 – E.P. Carrillo introduces the Dusk, a Maduro Cigar to their Classic Series.

The Series Line of Cigars

Family Series – Using unique blends as a result of the knowledge of generations of cigar makers in his family, each vitola honors a family member.

Elite Series – Since only unique tobacco leaves make perfect blends,  only a few have the right to bear the Elite name: Capa De Sol Cigars, New Wave Reserva Cigars & Seleccion Oscuro Cigars.

Dimension Series – Small ring cigars carefully crafted to offer smokers the best experience. It includes Interlude, (Natural & Maduro). Original Rebel (Natural & Maduro). INCH Colorado. INCH, (Natural & Maduro)

Classics Series – The well known cigars we have known and loved for years. Now refined and meticulously perfected. Dusk*. Core Plus*, (Natural & Maduro). Cardinal Impact* (Natural & Maduro). New Wave Connecticut (New Design).

Factory Series – Made at Tabacalera La Alianza, EPC’s plant in the Dominican Republic. These are different and unique cigars personally selected by Ernesto himself. Tabacalera La Alianza*, (Natural & Rosado). Grand Prize*

The dream of Ernesto Perez Carrillo finally has become a reality.

It came with great effort and perseverance, but yielded results.

At Habano Cigar Club we are proud to offer E.P. Carrillo Cigars. Order yours now!

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